11 May, 2011

I need a new camera

I have a Nikon Coolpix S52 camera. It was working fine two days ago. When I turned it on yesterday, after charging the battery, "Lens cover error" appeared on the screen.

Having a "Lens error" message display on the camera's LCD display indicates a problem with the camera lens mechanism. This situation generally requires that the camera be sent to a Nikon Service Department for repair. Before doing this however, be sure to check these situations below:

1.One possible reason for this error is if the camera is switched on and the lens unit is prevented from extending. The camera will struggle for a second to extend the lens, then report the problem. Inspect the lens for any obvious obstruction, then turn the camera off, then on again. Usually, simply switching the camera Off then On again is enough to correct this problem.
2.Remove and recharge the battery. Retest.

If this does not help, then we regret the camera must be sent to our Nikon Service department as there are no user serviceable parts on Nikon Coolpix cameras. ~support.nikonusa.com
I already inspected the lens, turned off and on the camera, removed and retested the battery, tapped the camera as suggested on a discussion group, but it still has the same error.

Does this mean that I have to buy a new one? I guess I have to. I'll look weird taking photos outside the house using my laptop.


Stef said...

That's not a very nice message to read. I'm sure your cam has served it's purpose so get a new one. =)

Manileña Mom said...

that's tough, digital cameras aren't cheap and considering the expense on the repairs if it's no longer under warranty. i hope you get to find what's wrong with it and you don't have to buy (unless can afford heheheh).

all the best!

Hope you can visit me too at Riza Written.

SHY said...

Nako mommy buy new one na hehe. dami kana gurong molah dyan eh.retired na ung cam mo it means wants to replace new one!

Hazelicious929 said...

Ako naman mommy, I need a DSLR para maganda ang mga kuha ko sa upcoming vacation ko. Sana sana matupad hehehe

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