29 April, 2011

shopping has never been this easy

My cousins' wedding is in a few days. I bought two new dresses, during SM Megamall's 3-day sale, a few weeks back. I can't decide which one to wear for my cousin's wedding, so I put both dresses in my suitcase. When I arrived in Bicol, I can't help but give the dresses to my Mom and Aunt B.

Now I have nothing to wear for my cousin's wedding. I don't want to embarrass him by showing up in church wearing a plain white shirt and faded jeans. A social networking site and a friend who's addicted to online shopping helped me with my problem.

I have a lot of things on my to-do list today. I was set on finishing it before the end of the day but I got stuck browsing my friend's summer vacation pictures. I finally realized that I was unproductive for two hours already when my Mom said that lunch was ready.

I was about to say words-not-fit-for-this-blog to myself but a car for sale by owner posting on my friend's account grabbed my attention. The car was listed in an online classifieds website. I got curious, the price was so affordable for a very fancy car, so I followed the link. It happened to be a listing on second-hand vehicles. There's a page for frequently asked questions so the site is very easy to navigate. If you're out of the country, an article on "how to sell a car by owner who doesn't live in the Philippines" is available for you to read.

dress listing

I also found a dress that I can wear for my cousin's wedding. With just one click of the mouse, my "dress problem" was solved. I never thought shopping online is so easy. Have you shopped online? If you haven't yet, you should try it.


Olga said...

i've also just recently discovered the wonders of online shopping. it is really very convenient for a mom like me.

One Proud Momma said...

Gee, that would really be terrible if you go there not dressed for the occassion.. Buti na lang you were able to find one with AyosDito. :)

Mars @ The Life Encounters said...

I love shopping online, although I'd rather do meetups after i talk to the person online for more secure transaction :)

Josie @ Momma Helps said...

AyosDito is the best site for online shopping, hassle free since you'll find everything you need.

Chris said...

i have just recently started online shopping myself.. though i am shopping books! :D

Mirage said...

It could be addicting, I've been shopping online for 6 years now...I used to sell a bit too pero I shop more lol. I'd like to look for kois, I wonder if they have some in their listing. thanks for the input!

The Pepperrific Life said...

I have to admit, shopping online can be pretty addictive! :). It's a good idea, because it saves you time and effort in going to the malls.

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