27 April, 2011

my cup of tea

I read an article about the benefits of drinking a cup of tea a day. Based on studies, one of the secrets to living a longer life is to drink tea everyday.

I am a coffee person. As soon as I open my eyes in the morning, first thing I do is drink coffee or I'll be a walking zombie the whole day. I drink 2-3 big cups of coffee a day. More makes me sick and sleepless at night.

I have been trying to convert my coffee addiction to drinking tea. But my taste buds like coffee more. Until I found Lipton's Herbal Collection.

Lipton Herbal Collection

All the different varieties taste good! There's a bit of tea-taste but the natural flavors are more dominant. Based on the number of times I've tried drinking tea, every variety from Lipton and other brands, I obviously don't like it. But since I've tried Lipton's Herbal Collection, I have been drinking it almost every night after dinner or before going to sleep.

Not a tea-drinker? Try this, you'll love it.


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