26 April, 2011

chocolate eclairs, yummy!

I accepted some mystery shopping jobs last year. One assignment was to visit this popular store that sells clothing, food, gifts, wine and much more. I was required to buy something which I can reimburse together with the mystery shopping payment. The maximum amount for reimbursement was bigger than what others usually allow.

I bought a bottle of perfume, which I gave to my sister later on, because the lotion that I wanted to buy was out-of-stock  I'm a cologne person and perfume is not allowed in our house because of my son's allergic rhinitis. I also bought something that made so addicted I was able to finish everything right away.

chocolate eclairs

Chocolate Eclairs! Chewy chocolate outside and super yummy caramel inside. Who wouldn't get addicted with it?


Mayet said...

that chocolate sounds so yummy!

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