26 March, 2011

occupation: blogger; positon: general manager

I am a blogger. I am my own boss. I love working on my pajamas!

More people still think that blogging can never bring food on the table. Come on people, we're in the age of modern technology! Blogging is just like any "regular job" in a high-rise building. I urge you to try it, you might even like it more than your current job right now.

a day in the life of a blogger
* Hopefully, I can promote myself to President of Journal of RJ's Mama, Inc in a few months. Yes, I have to power to promote myself. Can you do that in your current job?


teJan said...

heheh..korek! thanks for sharing sis!

Joy Page Manuel said...

interesting 'work flow'...but quite true. I wish I could be more disciplined about writing though. They say just sit down and write anything. It's not always that easy when you have a preschooler hovering about....*sigh*....

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