29 March, 2011

addicted to blogging

I am maintaining 2 active, 4 not-so active and 2 new blogs. I don't think I'm a certified blogging addict yet. My almost two years of blogging gave me the opportunity to meet awesome people online. Some of these people are maintaining more than 10 active blogs. So there, I'm still out of their league. I'm not a blogging addict yet (note the not-so active and new blogs).

The only thing that's preventing me from getting the "certification" is the layout. It takes months for me to decide on a layout for my blog. I just want a simple layout and I can't seem to find one, a free template, that is simple enough for my taste.

blogging addict
Also, I don't like to spend so much time learning HTML. Is there a drag-and-drop site builder, that is compatible in building a blogger blog?


Chew On This said...

I must say, I'm almost a blogging addict. I'm a blog hopping addict too :)

Les said...

I used to have 4 active blogs and 2 not-so active ones. I have to give up the other 3 because I cannot update them regularly.

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