21 March, 2011

falling hair problem

Every single day, usually while combing my hair after taking a bath, I can't help but worry that sooner or later I have to buy a wig. I have this really huge problem with falling hair. I remember reading an article that hairfall, even a hundred strands a day, is normal. But my crown-of-glory is not that thick so I worry, a lot!

post it note tuesday

I've been reading lots of good reviews about Sunsilk Hair Fall solution. I see the television commercial everytime I watch TV so I got curious if it can really help solve hair fall problems. Since it was co-created by no less than a world reknowed dermatologist, I decided to try it out.

Sunsilk Co-Creations, Hairfall Solution, Dr Fransesca Fresco

First wash, more than the usual hairfall while rinsing my hair. Although my hair smells good, I can't help but think "Who's the dermatologist again? Will google her later."

Sunsilk Co-Creations, Hairfall Solution, Dr Fransesca Fresco

Second wash, more hairfall! I can now make a wig for my niece's bald dolly! It was a good decision to buy a small bottle but overall decision to try it out -not very good.

post it note tuesday

Should I try it again? Maybe third time's the charm. Throw it in the garbage? Maybe I should just give it to our condo's maintenance girl, 40 pesos for a 100ml bottle is not that cheap.

What do you think?
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LeadingMama said...

I have very thin hair and lose a lot of it, too. Post pregnancy hormones are the worst!

Josie said...

I don't believe anymore with those ads, I'm using pantene shampoo and cond hair fall solution now, tried before some other products too, but no good results either. :(

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