31 January, 2011

why i buy books for my son

I again bought a book, a Geronimo Stilton comic book, that RJ read for less than 30 minutes. Only. With the price that I had to pay for that book, I thought he would finish longer than that. But come to think of it, books are investments also, right?

Geronimo Stilton, Dinosaurs in Action, Graphic Novel

I'd rather buy books than toys for RJ. He learns a lot with books. He gets to know important people, he can travel to anywhere he wants, he can do new things (eg. origami) just by reading a book.

So yes, buying that Geronimo Stilton book is an investment that I shouldn't regret.


Scotty's Princess said...

Hi Mommy. This is quite a nice purchase for RJ.

BTW, thanks for the visit and the comment at Lainy's Musings. Re: Entrecard. EC Credits are the points you earn by dropping cards on other blogs. In the past you earn it when you drop and when other blogs return the favor. But now you need to work hard at it by dropping cards thereby accumulating your credits which you can opt to use for advertising at blogs.

I followed your blog. I am the 60th follower:-)

I hope to see more of you soon.




Seiko said...

I used to buy books for my children too during their most younger times,like you I do believe t'will help them to gain more knowledge.
Thanks for the visit sis.'missed visiting here.

rjs mama said...

@lainy, thanks for explaining about ec. now i understand how it works =)

@seiko, welcome back sis! nice to see that you're active in blogging again ;)

Princess Sarah said...

My kids love books, we always love to buy for them. It's worth it.

carinamodella said...

you should :) this book is worth reading for.

Mayet said...

I also prefer to get them books than toys!

Ria said...

Books are really investment. Hindi sya naluluma and I prefer giving educational toys and reading materials as gifts.

Thanks for the comment in my party blog. Nice to see you there again :)


rjs mama said...

@sarah and mayet yes dearies, so true that books are indeed worth buying

@carina and ria, geronimo stilton books are rj's fave when he was in 1st grade. this comic book is fairly new and i'm sure this is not the first and last GS comic book that he will ask me to buy =D

Yannie said...

I agree with you, books are investments... Thanks for droppin by. I really appreciate it

Ms Bibi said...

I've been buying books for my kids since the day they were born. I love books and so do my boys. The oldest is 13 and I bet he has the biggest library among teenagers.He gets lots of books from library , but the ones he really loves I buy for him so he can read them over and over again.

Books are great knowledge investment and knowledge is power.

Stopping by from SITs

Anonymous said...

Still buying books for my boys - from the oldest to the youngest! It's hard to find books that instill heroic, noble, manly values - but I keep trying:) I try to buy keepers, too. It's disappointing when the purchase just wasn't worth it! I guess that's the benefit of having all these boy - I get to use that experience over and over:)Don't give up - but weigh each book against that gold standard! LOL

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