12 January, 2011

what I hate about Christmas

Celebrating christmas eve in the Philippines is never complete without a Noche Buena feast. Yes, a feast. Not just two or three dishes but all kinds of food are prepared for noche buena. Who can resist taking a bite (or two, or more?) of mouth-watering food? I am no saint when it comes to eating yummy food.

noche buena

Actually, the whole time we were on vacation, all I did was eat! So yes, I gained a few pounds during our christmas vacation in the province. What's really horrible is that those few pounds settled on the wrong places! That's what I don't love about christmas, I eat too much. Top selling diet pills are now available over the counter and also online. But I will try to lose weight by exercising and eating the right amount of food. If diet and exercise fails, hello diet pills!


Dhemz said...

awwwwwwww....one of the events I miss the most...salap nang handaan nyo sis..nakakagutom!

Silvergirl said...

wow all yum!! Yah we will gain more pounds when it is christmas, we can't say no to foods eh :P

Unknown said...

Kaya nga nakakamiss ang paskong pinoy sa daming pagkain, at saya pa. dito alang food

Kim, USA said...

You are very right. Iba ang pasko sa Pinas talaga. When I saw the pictures my brother showed me on FB I was drooling sa mga pagkain hehe. And also it's easy to gain weight than to losing it, grrrr!! Thanks for the visit in my 40's and fabulous site I do appreciate it!

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