12 January, 2011

what I hate about Christmas

Celebrating christmas eve in the Philippines is never complete without a Noche Buena feast. Yes, a feast. Not just two or three dishes but all kinds of food are prepared for noche buena. Who can resist taking a bite (or two, or more?) of mouth-watering food? I am no saint when it comes to eating yummy food.

noche buena

Actually, the whole time we were on vacation, all I did was eat! So yes, I gained a few pounds during our christmas vacation in the province. What's really horrible is that those few pounds settled on the wrong places! That's what I don't love about christmas, I eat too much. Top selling diet pills are now available over the counter and also online. But I will try to lose weight by exercising and eating the right amount of food. If diet and exercise fails, hello diet pills!


Dhemz said...

awwwwwwww....one of the events I miss the most...salap nang handaan nyo sis..nakakagutom!

Silvergirl said...

wow all yum!! Yah we will gain more pounds when it is christmas, we can't say no to foods eh :P

☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

Kaya nga nakakamiss ang paskong pinoy sa daming pagkain, at saya pa. dito alang food

Kim, USA said...

You are very right. Iba ang pasko sa Pinas talaga. When I saw the pictures my brother showed me on FB I was drooling sa mga pagkain hehe. And also it's easy to gain weight than to losing it, grrrr!! Thanks for the visit in my 40's and fabulous site I do appreciate it!

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