24 January, 2011

remembering my lola

Last January 5 was supposedly my Lola's, who we call Inay, 93rd birthday. Lola by the way means grandmother and Inay means mom in the Filipino language. Sadly though, a few months after her 91st birthday, she passed away August of 2009.

Inay took care of all her grandchildren. Being the eldest, I'm very sure I'm her favorite grandchild. Although my sister, MT, will surely object to that observation. But in all honesty, her love for all of us are equal.
While she was still alive, she didn't avail of a life insurance, not even Burial Insurance, maybe because it was not that popular during her time. But she never complained when my Uncle accompanies her to the family doctor for her annual check up. She knows that her kids just want her to be in good health all the time.

What I remember most about Inay was her deep love and obedience to God. Not a day passes by without her praying and reading the Bible. The whole family joins her in praying the rosary before going to sleep. It was a must for us grandchildren, before we even started going to school, to know how to pray and understand the rosary.

I miss my grandma. We all miss her so much.


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