21 January, 2011

Red Box Greenbelt 3

Me and my sisters invited our cousin to Red Box, a KTV in Greenbelt 3, a few hours before his flight back to the US. He is a member of a band so I was pretty sure he will enjoy it.

The Php299 + taxes per person already include buffet lunch and 12-3 pm ktv room use. My cousin enjoyed it since they don't have that in the states. I didn't.

I reserved a room the day before we went there. They assigned the room nearest the reception area. Noise from outside can be heard inside the room. What's really horrible is they were playing songs in the reception area and most probably set the volume to its maximum level. The sound system is thumbs down for me. It creates a very annoying sound whenever the two microphones are near each other! The room is not that big so here's how two people look like when singing together...

Redbox Greenbelt 3

The did fix it, when I complained, but they should have fixed everything before letting people go inside the room. It was a waste of time waiting for them to fix it. Forget about the lunch buffet because it's not something to rave about. And no score at the end of each song! How will we know if we did good right?

There were a lot of bad reviews on Red Box Trinoma. The Greenbelt branch is better, they say. But based on our experience, this KTV gets a thumbs down!

To make up for the hazzardous lunch-slash-ktv date we had with our cousin, although he does like the KTV experience, we decided to give him a shirt that will make him remember his 2011 visit to the Philippines.


casseydab said...

hello mama rj sa triond yan,tapos may mga client na galing sa odesk help ko lng brother ko sa ganun pwedi ka sign up sa triond di nga lng masyado ma bilis ang earning [pero as long na may mga bumisita sa article mo kahit di ka pa active mag eearn ka pa rin

Shop N' Chomp said...

Sorry to hear about your KTV experience. You're right that they should have fixed everything beforehand! Hope your cousin had a nice visit nevertheless. :)

(Haha! Well I hope you get that haircut soon then! :)

rjs mama said...

@casseydab, thanks sa info sis. signed up na yata ako sa dalawa. pero no patience ako kapag slow earning, check ko ulit account ko

@shop 'n chomp, my cousin did enjoy, but not me =) will be going to the hair salon, hopefully today, for that long overdue haircut.

imriz said...

at least ur cousin enjoyed singing:)

Mrs. Kolca said...

Never been to a place like that. Tama lang na magreklamo ka dear cos as a customer, you should get the exact service you paid for. Cheers! :)

lyzacruz88 said...

thanks for the mommy moments comment...followed you here too :)

rjs mama said...

@imriz, yes sis, he did enjoy =)

@sis jinkee, oo nga sis, sayang ang bayad kung hindi magreklamo. try nyo mgKTV,enjoy sya sis

@lyza, thanks for following. will do the same =)

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