19 January, 2011

Girl Talk # 9

I love this week's topic for girl talk. I am amazed, actually, when I checked the topic for today

                Work Resolution

                                 exactly what I was pondering about for a few days already.

I blog and I consider blogging my work. I was thinking about changing the layout of my four blogs, but I'm no layout artist. So I have to allot some of my free time (oh no, my nap time!) to learn about HTML among other things. That's first on my list of my work resolution

I so wanted to buy muck boots last month but ended up with nothing for me because of too much people to give gifts to last Christmas. So my other resolution, I hope it works, is to update my blog and visit my online friends everyday. Everyday from now on, not once in a blue moon but E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y! More blog visit means more you-know-what-friend$$ means buy-something-for-me-this-time!

So those are my blogging resolution, what's yours?


Miranda said...

Hi there! The template designer on blogger offers an easy way to adjust your layout, and then just add your own header artwork or background art later if you want to personalize it. You can ask me for help if you need some :)

My GT entry: http://miratemplen.blogspot.com/2011/01/girls-talk-work-related-plans-and-love.html

f e R r y j H o i said...

yay!!! gusto ko din ng layout change Sis!! pero hindi ko din alam pano gawin!! wala akong talent sa ganon!!!

Good Luck ^_^ blog work mo Sis

Happy GT ^_^

rjs mama said...

@miranda, i will try the blogger template designer, they do say it's not that complicated =)

@ferryjhoi, you might want to try sis mirandas suggestion. sabay tayong mg-update layout ng blog :)

promdi said...

sali din ako sa design changes nayan, at ska sa HTML na yan, at bokya po ang lola nu jan, HTML HELPPPPPPP ^_^

Anonymous said...

isabit ko na nga din ito at matgal ng nangangailangan ng pagintindi sa HTML na yan, bka makakuha ng tips:)

salamat po.

Miranda said...

Hello again! Here's the site where I found the online part-time English tutor job:


Unhoop Philippines. Seems good, 'no? I hope we both do good. :D

Legal-Babe said...


For blogger templates, i would prefer one by Wordpress. It is easy to toggle and handle as well.

I wish you good luck in your work resolutions this year! Happy blogging! :D


Yannie said...

I'm also studying HTML through online tutorials. Then later PHP and CSS. Iba kasi pag may alam ka nito. Thanks sa pag visit sis. BTW, where did you purchase your domain? Okay naman ang takbo ng blog mo sis?

rjs mama said...

@promdi and iamclarizze, yay may kasabay ako =)

@sis miranda, thanks sis for the link

@Legal-Babe, I so want to try wordpress also. maybe one of these days i'll buy a new domain and use wordpress

@yannie, go sis turuan mo ako ng php and css =)

♥peachkins♥ said...

great work resolution and good luck!

simply kim said...

i really wish you luck on that, girl! see more of your posts!

Rossel said...

those are nice resolutions. i am currently working on my layouts too. good luck to us, sis! =)


rjs mama said...

@peach, thanks sis! goodluck talaga sa akin, matinding aralan to ;D

@kim, thanks sis :)

@ rossel, sabay tayo mag-aral sis. goodluck din syo =)

AC said...

I've been into blog designing before... kaso nakatamaran ko rin... LOL! good thing bago ako tinamad eh nagawa ko na lahat ng blogs ko...
it's easy sis... as long as you try to do it as you learn... then matatandaan mo na sila... just be patient and wag kang ma overwhelm sa mga codes... goodluck on that sis... =)Btw, I have an ON-GOING giveaway... Hope you can join. Thanks!

rjs mama said...

@AC, design mo ako sis =)

K said...

coding is quite easy once you get the hang of it. besides, google is always there to help you. hee hee. i love that you're taking this step to learn more html and css, although that's sad for me since that means less clients for designers like moi. haha! but yep, learning is never a bad thing, especially with html and css. it's exciting, once you learn the ropes some ;)

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