02 November, 2010

RJ's one week vacation

My son's semestral break officially started last October 29. School will open again on November 9. But all we did, for the past few days, is go shopping and watch a movie. Although shopping is fun for me, I am pretty sure it's not fun for my son.

I was late in booking a ticket for Hongkong Disneyland's Halloween special. It's also expensive to book for the Christmas special as well. Me and my sisters are planning to go this February. Hopefully we'll get a good price on next years travel expo.

So for the remaining 5 days of RJ's semestral break, I have to find a fun activity that will make his vacation meaningful. Although I want to buy lady gaga concert tickets, I think my son will enjoy a trip to a museum more.

lady gaga
I would love to see Lady Gaga in action!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully my son will say "Yes!!!" and get excited instead of just saying "Ah, ok" with the activities that I have planned for the next few days.


Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

I hope that you will be successful for your plans. ^_^

tel said...

it's so cute.. you're one cool mom ;'D

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