29 October, 2010

unclean mineral water

I've been having doubts, for quite some time now, whether the mineral water delivered weekly in my house are indeed clean. I've read articles about unclean bottled water and unsanitary water refilling stations. Because a low start-up capital is needed, rapid growth in the number of new water refilling stations was recorded in the country. The government should also protect the consumers and make sure that these water refilling stations are not giving unclean water to its consumers.

I've been thinking of replacing my faucet sink with new faucets and at the same time installing a water purifier. I just have to research about it first since there are a lot of brands to choose from.


Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

My family also rely on Water Refilling stations for our drinking water. So far, the water is safe since we could see that our suki is careful when they are dealing with the products that they sell to their customers.

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