22 October, 2010

i will never, ever do it again

Who's your favorite boy band? Mine? Whoever is topping the charts with the latest song. Well, that's actually true when I was younger (read: teenage years). When I was in Florida, at the time I was fresh out of my teenage years, 'N Sync was the hottest boy band. Back when Justin Timberlake was still sporting a curly hair.
N Sync

Although I was not a fan, of 'N Sync or any other boy band, I decided to spend a hundred dollars to watch their concert. That was my first concert outside of the Philippines. It wasn't a good experience. The very expensive ticket was for a seat at the uppermost part of the concert venue. I can touch the ceiling if I stretch my hands up and jump- really, no kidding! Me and my roommate even had to use a binocular to be able to see what's going on stage.

Because of curiosity, I spent so much money on something I don't even like. I will never, ever do something like that again.

Uhm, I bought their latest CD after that concert. I guess I wasn't thinking straight at that time...


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