12 September, 2010

am i adopted?

My Papa has a green thumb. The backyard soil, in our house in the city, is as dry as the sand in the desert. But he was able to grow plants well on that small space of unhealthy soil. He was able to harvest some vegetables and fruits. He also has flowery plants.

My Dad's Hibiscus plant

His brother also has a green thumb. My Uncle lives in Arizona. He also has a garden in his backyard just like my Dad.

My Uncle's Horseradish plant

I think I'm adopted. I have tried, a lot of times, to grow plants in our condominium's balcony. I water the plants and  let it say "Hi!" to Mr. Sun everyday. But after just a few weeks, the plant dies. I don't have a green thumb like my Dad and his brother. But come to think of it, so does my sisters!


Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

We have the same predicament too. The plants that I planted do not grow. However, my mom is good with plants.

admin said...

I don't think so.. I also have the same dilemma as yours not inherits having a green thumb.. but for sure we are not adopted..were are not just too blessed..hihihi Happy Monday. :)

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