23 August, 2010

hostage taking in manila

The hostage-taking incident of a tourist bus, in front of Quirino Grandstand where P-noy was sworn into office a few months back, didn't end happily.

Police Captain Rolando Mendoza
   source: Manila Bulletin

In my opinion, the hostage taker is a selfish prick! Most of the gun wounds found on the victims have entry points at the back. I must admit I made a mistake. He is not a selfish prick. He is an insane, very coward person!

trending worlwide, twitter

What I don't understand though is how we let the world think we are proud of it!? Quirino Grandstand was at the top of the trending words at twitter --at the very same moment the hostage taker was shot dead. Hostage Taker, Mendoza, PNP and Philippine were trending as well. It is so embarrassing! Filipinos could have avoided "those words" when they saw it trending already. Instead of avoiding, they kept on tweeting and retweeting the said words.

trending worlwide, twitter

Two hours after, Isko Moreno and Venus Raj joined in the fun!


Anonymous said...

"Major major" was also trending on Twitter yesterday. Haven't checked today yet. :)

Jes said...

wow! this is indeed a major major post!!! =)
nweis grabe nmn pla ang pagpatay ano? medyo nde kasi ako nanonood ng tv, pero ung hostage medyo napanood ko pasundot sundot same with miss universe ....nweis major major na kaganapan tlga ang mga yun...kahihiyan at katatawanan. hays isa na namang pag subok para sa ating presidente! =P nweis saamat sa pagdalaw kahit na may major major pa ang kaganapn sa ating buhay ahahahah! =)

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

I am also tweeting as the last moment of the hostage crisis unfolds.

Wala na talaga. As in nakatutok na buong mundo sa nangyayari sa atin. Blow by blow account yung nangyayari sa TV. Parang laban lang ni Pacquiao.

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