23 August, 2010

healthy midnight snack

I am looking for a new layout for http://www.mybabyrj.com/. I can't help but watch get distracted with the news about the hostage taking that happened earlier today. This is going to be a long night. I want to greet Mr. Sun later with a new layout for my other blog.

Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt

I have to restrain myself though from getting another Nestle Yogurt, my current fave midnight snack. NESTLE Fruit Selection Yogurt has over a billion live microorganisms that are good for the tummy! Plus, it has real fruit pieces that makes it a snack that is so deliciously good!! My favorites are Buco Nata and Melon Nata. You guessed it right, the nata makes it more delicioso.

Yes, its healthy for my body. Better than eating chips at this time. But it's also distracting me from continuing, with what I am trying to finish, before dawn breaks.

Should I get another one? Maybe I should.


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