23 July, 2010

i want my ex back!

I had lots of problems with this ex. For so many months, before saying adieu, I had to put up with waiting all the time. Such a waste of my precious time. I just couldn't take it anymore, I decided to get a new one.


I am not talking about an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband but my ex-laptop! I have to wait for 30 minutes (I am not kidding!) for it to boot. After much contemplating, I decided to buy a netbook. It's so much easier to bring anywhere and it doesn't take too much space inside my bag.

But I have lots of pictures and important files stored in that ex laptop. Since that laptop is considered a senior citizen laptop already, I therefore can't use the laptop warranty. I have to start looking for someone to fix it. Someone who doesn't pretend really knows how to fix a laptop and that someone shouldn't charge too much! Can anyone recommend a reliable technician?


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