23 July, 2010

charice admitted she had botox at 18

I was shocked when I saw this on one of the feeds that I follow, "“Glee” Actress Admits To Getting Botox — Even Though She’s Only 18"

I got more shocked when I kept reading and learned that Charice is the "Glee Actress" that the article was referring to. She's too young to have Botox and Thermage. But I guess she has to follow the instructions of the "Glee people" or maybe it was Dra. Vicky Belo's advice.


Jerry Road said...

the botox she had was not the one we usually think for old people to look younger, she has this condition, same as mine, that sometimes I thought I have mumps, they actually hurt sometimes, and had to massage them to ease the pain. In her case, I can't imagine the discomfort she is experiencing.

Had this issue not surfaced, I would not have known that this can be cured without going under the knife.

Thanks to her.

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