11 May, 2010


That was exactly my reaction when I saw the partial results of yesterday's election. The first few thousand votes were being tallied and Noynoy Aquino was leading. I was never a Noynoy Aquino fan. Him winning the surveys, online and offline -- sprouting left and right, never lured me to vote for him.

Fast forward to present day. Noynoy is very much in the lead, he will most likely be our next President. I will not deny it, I am very disappointed. Double disappointment that Former President Joseph Estrada is trailing a few million votes behind.

kris aquino, noynoy aquino

What is wrong with you people?! Why did 13 million, and counting, voted for someone who never did anything in the senate?! And 8 million more of our countrymen voted for someone who was sent to prison because of plunder!

joseph ejercito estrada


Elsa said...

I am thinking of that too!

I am for Gordon!

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