11 May, 2010

have you tried investing in gold?

I haven't...yet. I want to try investing in gold. With the global economic environment growing more and more uncertain, gold has become the #1 alternative for Pension Plans.

Do you know that if you purchased, during the early 70’s, $25,000 of gold bullion coins - you could sell that gold today for a whopping gold price of $524,999.00. The price of gold has surpassed every other asset that one can include in a retirement account.

Saint Gaudens Double Eagle

A lot of global and economic trends, like inflation, stock and bond market turmoil and bank failures to name a few, weaken stocks and other paper investments and usually cause gold price to rise.

Have to research where to check gold prices. Have to learn how to spot gold. At least I know the difference between a "gold spot" and a "bald spot". That should be a good start!


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