08 April, 2010

a fun way to lose weight

I was supposed to be dieting and exercising to lose the extra pounds I gained last Christmas holidays. Three months of more eating and not exercising has added more extra pounds to lose. Maybe I should just buy an exercise machine that I can use in the house everyday. A home gym would be cool but its quite expensive.

I should just buy a Wii. I can just borrow my niece if I don't find a cheap one online. My son would be so happy once he finds out I'm planning to buy one. Better start searching online now.


HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

i have a treadmill at home and a bike, it's boring =( it's more fun to go to the gym.

wii fit is the best, i do it on days that i can't do aerobics.


Gene said...

I wish I have a Wii, the exercise games look interesting.

fitness and fashion said...

i wish i can get fit too, i'm looking forward on healthy living.

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