20 January, 2010

scent that i love

If you'll ask me to choose between cologne and perfume, I will definitely choose cologne. Not because of my son's asthma and allergy problems. I just like the mild scent of colognes. Perfume smell irritates my nose and give me headaches. Milder scented perfumes though are For a few months already, I am addicted to the scent of "Bench Bratsplash Strawberry Shake" cologne. What I love about this cologne's scent is the sweet, delicious smell that lasts all day long.

source: http://www.solidtradinggroup.com/product6.html


Madz said...

We have the same preference sis, the down thing about me using colognes is that the scent doesn't stay all day, does body acidity contribute to that?

I have to agree, Bratsplash smells so yummy. :)

I hope you also visit my blog when you have the time, thanks!

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