04 September, 2009

ABS-CBN GAMESTER, please stop sending spam SMS

Last year, my son was a regular viewer of "Wheel of Fortune", the franchise game show hosted by Kris Aquino, on ABS-CBN. For his 7th birthday, he wanted to download a "Wheel of Fortune" mobile game on my cellular phone. I said, "yes you can download, but just one game". That download was worth Php30.

Everyday after that, ABS-CBN Gamester doesn't fail to send an SMS message on my phone which deducts Php5 (Php2.50/text - it's a long SMS so I receive it in 2 batches) to my prepaid load. I tried calling the landline number indicated on the text message but the number is always busy! After a few months, the unsolicited text messages does not include their office number anymore! I sent an "unsubscribe" text already, but still the messages didn't stop coming everyday.

Excuse me ABS-CBN Gamester, I did not subscribe to your everyday SMS. Downloading a game doesn't mean that I want to subscribe to paying Php5 every single day of my life.

Knock knock to National Telecommunications Commission, when will you be able to stop these spammers from sending unsolicited SMS?


A Mom's Choice said...

Reply with a text to them telling them to stop sending these messages, in caps. I hope this helps, I've had a similar issue in the past.

Lost in Translation said...

Many of these services have hidden fees or subscriptions. That is the catch you sign up for one thing, but later get a bill for 100 a year or such. You may need to reserach it a bit further and make sure it is not one of those schemes, and if it is the terms of contract so you can get out.

I have even known people who got a new phone and got bills from when a previous number holder signed up for something, and they had to fight it nail and tooth to get the issue corrected.

Good luck.

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