12 August, 2009

PLDT DSL, why are you so slow today??

My online connection is soooo slow! Hello PLDT, what is going on? Opening a single page takes more than 2 minutes. It's taking up so much of my precious time!


Edison said...

same problem here.. :)

fan said...

Smart int'l, broadband services crippled by cable breaks

Smart Communications on Wednesday advised the public that its international voice and SMS services as well as broadband Internet service have been affected by double breaks in fiber-optic cables between China-Taiwan and Malaysia-Singapore.


Allan said...

In December 2006 after a submarine cable break such as we have now,it took the rest of Asia less than 48 hours to get back to normal after such a break, it took PLDT over one month to get back to normal and lost the Philippines millions as companies moved out. Lets hope they don't do the same, I stuck with it last time, but if it lasts more than 3 days this time I will move my business out of the Philippines forever. Sorry to all my faithful workers that I will have to lay off but PLDT and their bad service gives me no choice.

Angel Levina said...

Alas, you're not alone on this one. But it appears that there's a problem with the international cable which was the access link for mydsl. At least, that's what the recorder says when I called. For now, it is to be expected that the internet would be extremely slow. Hope this prob will be fixed soon.

Seiko said...

nice to see your blog

Louie said...

PLDT DSL is not that good anymore unlike before because there are many users already ^^

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