02 August, 2009

I am a multi-tasking mom

According to Wikipedia, "Human multi-tasking or multitasking is the performance by an individual of appearing to handle more than one task at the same time. "

Multi-tasking is every mom's bestfriend. Multi-tasking helps me do all chores and errands that I have to finish in any given day. At 5am this morning, while taking a shower, I was instructing my son (over and over again) to finish his cereals (as well as to chew and not just swallow it because that's what he usually does when I tell him to hurry up). A while ago, I was doing the laundry and watching the morning news. Now, I am eating breakfast and updating my blog. Those are just some examples of my multi-tasking skills.

A study done by the American Psychological Association shows that multi-tasking costs time especially when shifting to less familiar tasks. I guess that study was done without mom's on their mind. All the tasks that I do everyday are so familiar with me already I can do it with my eyes closed.

I'm pretty sure all mom's will agree with me. Care to object, anyone?


Cens World said...

Wow! That is really multi-tasking. I have to commend you. I can never do that.

Thank you for following my blog. I will be following yours too and will be visiting you from time to time.

Always take care

pehpot said...

Ok beat this:

blogging, breakfast, teaching the kids, instructing them to eat.. ahehe

magaling nga ang mga mommy sa multitasking :)

sometimes I do the laundry, cook the food and blog haha

ang hirap naman to have a contract with them when it comes to hand held gaming devices.. dito sa bahay usapan, 5 to 7 everyday pede sila maglaro pero lumalagpas din hehe

Make or Break

jenie said...

multi tasking is beneficial really...it doesn't cost time for me, infact it saves time!

I noticed though that not everyone can do that...some have to focus on a certain task or else not being able to give her/his 100%. either that she/he loses her concentration on the other task or with struggle uses more time than she can individually.

...and so, lucky are those who can accomplish this. =)lucky us!

Seiko said...

I agree w/ you.I'm a dual career mom & when I gets home.I'll do the house chores,mending kids,do the cooking,check their homeworks,preparing clothes to wear for the next day & etcetera & etcetera then...the blogging,grin!
Btw,thanks for droppin' some line 'though 'm not around.'m still on my vacation,'m just tryin' to get in touch w/ guys & as I'd promised,I'll try to get in touch w/ you guys the moment I gets in here.I'll be home & on the 15th & yeah w/ loads of lots of photos big grin!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

I'm impressed with all multi-tasking moms! ^_^ someday...baka maging isa rin akong multi-tasking mom..take care ^_^&

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