14 January, 2013

Check Who Pinned Your Website Images on Pinterest

Happy Tuesday! Feeling sad today? Paste a fake smile on your face and in 1, 2, 3 your brain will cooperate with that smile!

I was browsing my free entrepreneur issue and an article I've read has reminded me that I have a pinterest account and I have been neglecting it, and blogging too, for months already.

Anyway, the article was saying that there's a way to check who has pinned your website images on pinterest even if you're not on pinterest. Just go to marketmesuite.com/pinme, enter your website URL and a query result will show who has pinned your images.

Great tool to see if this is the right time to create a Pinterest account and take advantage of the third largest social networking site. I have to head on over there now and check whether any of my sites are becoming viral on Pinterest.


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