12 November, 2012

Is being a young, single mother a sin?

I'm confused with this Andi Eigenmann and son-of-Erap boyfriend's reason for breaking up. Because she has a child already? Didn't he know that she was pregnant with someone else's child when they became a couple? Late reaction much?

andi-eigenmann-jake-ejercitoI wonder why his parents don't approve of her. I actually think it doesn't have anything to do with her being a single mother. It’s not a sin to be a young, single mom. She didn’t abort or put her baby up for adoption and most probably she learned from her mistakes.
Maybe there's some truth to the rumor that she’s a prima donna?  Whatever’s the reason for their break up, if he can’t fights for her, she should just let him go.
She should be proud that she’s raising her daughter all by herself and doesn’t need any man to help her do that.


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