22 November, 2012

How to Turn-off Blog Visitors

I've been doing a lot of tweaking lately, to make sure that my loyal blog visitors will remain loyal and first time visitors will become repeat visitors.

I'm trying to pull up my site stats so I've been busy "cleaning up" my sites as well as visiting other blogs. I have my list of favorite sites to visit and sites that I will never, ever visit again.

Here's the surest ways to turn-off your blog visitors - slow loading site.

What to do to fix that problem:

1. You don't have to put social sharing buttons at the top and bottom of your blogpost as well as on the right and left side of your site.
2. 4 small-sized box ads on your sidebar is enough to monetize your site. If for example you already have a box ad, don't allow another box ad pointing at the same site, to make room for other advertisers who want to place an ad on your site.
3. Calendar, Weather info? Remove that from your sidebar please.
4. Your personal info as well as your pictures? It should have its own page, the About page. Don't put it on your sidebar.
5. Limit 4 blog posts at the most on your homepage.
Have you noticed what other common factors slow loading sites have? Do share in the comment section below.


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