02 June, 2012

Summer Fun Activity: Guitar Lessons

My son chose to enroll in guitar lessons this summer break. He already has 2 guitars, one is in Manila and I bought another one here in the province. I bought the second guitar last summer break when I enrolled him in guitar and piano lessons. Those lessons were unsuccessful because one: he keeps complaining that his fingers hurt after each guitar lesson and two: he didn't practice when we got back home in Manila so he completely forgot his lessons.

guitar lessons

But this year he's getting good in playing the guitar. Maybe because I didn't choose what he should enroll in. He also asked his teacher to help him learn "Crash" by Matt Willis, a song featured on the movie "Mr. Bean's Holiday". He gets to play the songs that he likes and he now loves playing the guitar. My niece, who’s taking piano lessons might buy a guitar or a banduria because she wants to learn how to play another musical intrument this summer break. RJ wants to learn how to play the drums. Maybe next year, we’ll see.


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