17 May, 2012

summer activities

I try to squeeze in as much fun activity on RJ’s daily schedule this summer break. He has guitar lessons and he’s also learning how to ride a bike. Because of too much pollution in Manila, it’s much better for him to do it, learn how to bike, while were here in the province. Air is more clean here.

If he can have his way, he’d rather play computer all day long. But because I’m worried he might destroy his eyes and wear reading glasses this early, I have to look for more activities that he can do in lieu of sitting all day long in front of the computer.


I ask him to help me do the laundry. He paints and draw when he’s in the mood. I also let him use my camera, with a clear warning not to drop and put scratches on it, so he can learn photography. We take pictures of birds and leaves and spiders and caterpillars.

A mom has to be creative but I’m running out of ideas. Help!


SpendWell said...

since you were already letting him use your camera or paint, why not spend the extra time giving him feedback with shots he did or art that he made. those sessions already will fill your hours for the day.

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