14 November, 2011

Get a Good Feeling from Textbook Purchases

No one ever feels good after buying textbooks, as they are so expensive. However, if you rent your books from Campus Book Rentals, you can feel better about the impact it has on your wallet and get a good feeling by helping those less fortunate than yourself. The website partnered with Operation Smile and are donating over 1,000 life saving cleft lip surgeries this year to children in need.

campus book rentals

Operation Smile has been helping less fortunate children around the world since 1982. This organization offers free surgeries to children born with cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities. However, they thrive on the generous donations from their sponsors and others.

Now is the time for you to help. All you have to do is rent textbooks rather than purchasing them, which is bound to save you money. Campus Book Rentals offers free shipping both ways, a 30 day trial period and flexible rental dates. Additionally, you will no longer need to worry about what to do with your books once the semester is over. If you are like most student, you have tried to sell your purchased books back, only to get a few bucks back or worse nothing at all. This need not be a concern with renting your books, since you simply send them back for free.

So for next semesters books, please consider renting. It will help your wallet and children all over the world, which will give you a good feeling about purchasing textbooks.


kim said...

hmmm.. that is so helpful!

by the way, do you mind checking out on My Classic Neighbor?

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