19 November, 2011

learn to swim

I have scoliosis and my Auntie S has been urging me to learn how to swim. Swimming she said is a good exercise and it’s usually helpful for people with scoliosis. Don’t have any idea what scoliosis is? It’s a medical condition wherein a person’s spine is curved from side to side. Yes, I have a curvy spine.

Back to swimming. I want to enroll in swimming class but my problem is I don’t know how to float. I have tried a lot of times, floating in the pool, but I've failed a million times already.


Maybe I should just buy an inflatable pool which is big enough for me to swim around. I can practice floating at home, don’t need to embarrass myself in front of other people in a public pool right? And when I have finally perfected floating, face down, side float and back float, then I can try enrolling in swim class again.



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