18 June, 2011

school bag dimension

RJ used his backpack bag the first few days of school. I found out during the first day of classes that the school will only allow small stroller bags starting this school year. A small bag won't accommodate all the school things (books, notebooks, folders, etc.) that the school requires each student to bring everyday. Such a weird school rule!
old stroller bag
my son's old stroller bag
We already bought a new stroller bag for RJ before the end of the previous school year. What will we do with that new, expensive bag? RJ doesn't have a brother or a cousin who can use it. I already sent a letter to the principal asking her to let RJ use the newly bought bag. I told her that we already maximized our finances during the enrollment period and we can't afford to buy another new bag.

I'm still waiting for her reply to my letter. But for now, RJ will use his new bag.


Adin B said...

That is a weird one. I just saw some photos of my friends daughter going back to school and my golly these kids have huge stroller bags with them carrying all the school things. Visiting!

Adin B

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