21 June, 2011

Invest for your family's health

I don't have a health insurance. That wasn't one of the benefits offered by the company where I previously worked. I realized that I should get a health insurance for me and my family. With the never ending increase of health care cost, now is the time to get one.

I researched about different health plans to be able to choose one that will be a good fit for my family's needs. The detailed explanation Medicare in Wikipedia helped me better understand the said health care program.

health insurance approval

I found out based on my research online that not all of the amount of medical costs are usually covered in full by health insurance companies. This is where supplemental insurance can be of help. Medicare Supplemental Insurance is a policy provided by private insurance companies that fill the gaps in coverage that the basic Medicare Part A and B doesn't cover. The gaps usually covered by the said policy includes deductibles and a lot of other expenses. These expenses can sometimes add up to huge amount of money if not covered properly.

I am still in the process of comparing different health care companies and their respective health plans.  It's a must to compare several plans since each plan has different premiums and offers different benefits.


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