27 June, 2011

Deal or no deal

I don’t want to get addicted with online deal buying so I rarely look at the current deals on my email inbox. But there’s this one discount that caught my attention and I decided to buy just-this-once.

So I paid with Paypal, saw that the voucher was in my account at the deal’s site already, logged out and forgot about it for a month. Last week I remembered it and was planning to print it, the voucher, but I can’t log-in to my account. So I thought I might just have forgotten the password. When I tried to reset my password, “Error: You are not a valid User” showed up.

deals site forgot password

I tried every single email address that I have, still the same error message. I wanted to solve the problem right away so I tried to contact them on their twitter account. Received no reply from them. It was a weekend so it’s understandable that they can’t reply to my tweets because they are off from work.
Monday, I saw them with new tweets but no reply to my tweets to them.

deals site forgot password2

After my tweets above, I received a reply that I should email their support. They only have one email address as compared with other deal’s site. So I did that and still no reply from their support staff. If I don’t get a reply within this week, yes I am a very understanding customer, I will divulge the name of this deal’s site.


CaptainRunner said...

Maybe, if you had already posted this link to their twitter, you can get all the attention. But yes, you need not be rude. Patiently wait. And let us know what happens next.

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