02 May, 2011

voting for the best answer (Mother's Day contest)

List of Entries

As I've said, your first sentence is very important.

I will publish all valid entries' "first sentence" in one single post. The participants will remain anonymous until the voting ends.

List of Entries

Voting starts on EST 6:00 AM May 8; Manila 6:00 PM May 8
Voting will close: after 24 hours

How to Vote

Write "I vote for Mommy number here!" in the comments section.

Everyone is invited to vote.

Only one vote per person.

FYI: Vote who you think has the best answer from the other entries. You can't vote for your own entry.

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simply kim said...

this is so cool! i'll join as soon as I have time!

sHeNgKaY said...

ako rin...ito pala ito...dami kong nadadaan na merong why I am the best mom in the world....hmmm..i am thinking to join..
Nahihiya ako medyo eh..hhhehe..

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