09 May, 2011

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Mommy #1
Nostalgic Marveling: Chubskulit
If giving up a career is what it takes to become a good MoM, you can consider me as one. I gave up my permanent job in the Philippines and chose not to work when I came here because I want to be able to spend full time with my children while they still need me. Soon, they will have their own world and my husband I will return to being just US again.

Mommy #2
Seiko's Diary: Seiko
I am a dual career mom & we have four off spring & being a mom of four kids was not that easy & ‘ve gone this far.After I gave birth to my eldest,I suppose I could have quit my job,w/c would either end or seriously interrupt my career.But I chose to moonlight as a career woman or, if you like,moonlight as a mother.I don’t know w/c.But in my case I saw a strong reasons for not quiting the job,aside from the fact that we really need the income.

Mommy #3
Azumi:Kawaii Princess: Bambie
I must be the best mom ever because my little girl is always happy and such a sweet girl. I can tell that I’m doing the great job by her smile, laughters and her being talkative at the age of 2. No dull moments when we are awake together.

Mommy #4
Progressive Parenting: rarejonrez
I’m not sure if I am credible enough to shout to the world why I am the best mom ever, but when my husband made me a poem on Mother’s Day two years ago, I got convinced that indeed, through my own ways, I am the best mom in my daughter’s father’s eyes and that is reason enough to humbly believe. This is the entire poem that the husband made for me on Mother’s Day 2009; read it for yourself and you decide, lol:

Mommy #5
Zowanderer: Zoan
I am the best mom ever because even though I got pregnant out of wedlock, abortion didn’t cross my mind. Instead I welcomed my son into my life, took care of myself as I should in order to give my son the best gift I could give, a very healthy life when he was born. Most young women who gets pregnant tried to abort their child in order to avoid the responsibilities and the shame, but I faced them and stood upon it all.

Mommy #6
Joy's Flair: Joy
What made me the best Mom among all the moms in the world is that I am successful in raising and bringing up very close relationships to my two half-blood sons. The bonding between them is immeasurable and inseparable. I really exert all my knowledge and effort to bring them very close, to love each other in harmony to get away from sibling rivalry :)

Mommy #7
mumwrites: Random SAHM's thoughts: Vix
To say that I am the best mum among all the mums in the world would mean I am not saying the absolute truth + that I am inflating my ego unnecessarily, but hey I am the only mum my little one got, so I guess it is okay to daydream once in awhile. See, I’ve only been a mother for 1 year, 8 months + 6 days (yep, I’ve been counting!) plus the additional 9 months whilst my son is still in my tummy. So, all in all, that still makes me a greenhorn, a novice, a total noob!

Mommy #8
Grace in Creative Life: Grace
I may have some mistakes in life as a person or might wrong in any of my decisions but for the good for my children, I will never go wrong. And that's the real me as a MOTHER. I may not be the best person in the eyes of others but I can be a perfect mother that only my kids can tell .

Mommy #9
The Pepperrific Life: Pepper
In my heart, and in my soul, I firmly believe that I am the best mother in the world because I take after my mom’s personal parenting style. She seems to have passed on to me her knack for selflessly taking care of her kids. As mothers, I also think we all have earned bragging rights, so now, I am claiming mine.

Mommy #10
Pinay Mama: Pibyang
Giving birth to a son at the age of 18 did not stop me from becoming a responsible mom. Elijah will turn 2 this coming September and I turned 20 last February. He is now very good in building blocks, alphabet, number and colors.

Mommy #11
I Love Hues: Arcee
I am the best mom among the moms in the world because my daughter who’s only 5-years old would always tell me “Momma, you’re my bestfriend!” I try my best to be able to keep it that way because I believe that if she’s able to open up to me about everything, I don’t have to worry much even when she’s already a grown up and finds her own friends outside home. But of course, I still count on God’s guidance for me to be able to bring her up the way He wants her to be, and I am sure that he will listen to my prayer as a mother’s prayer is one of the most powerful prayers in the world.

Mommy #12
Mom's Ups and Downs: Rossel
I am not perfect but I am doing my best to be the Mom that my child needs me to be. I gave up the career that my parents have invested in for so many years and instead became a nurse, teacher, cook, playmate and friend all at the same time but not complaining a bit. And if I have to live my life all over again, I will choose the same career which is MOTHERHOOD.

Mommy #13
Lovingly, Mama: lovingly mama
I am the best Mom ever because I try to follow the parenting example in the Bible, “..do not exasperate your children (Colossians 3:21).” I believe that many children become rebellious because they are exasperated in the way rules are implemented in the house. I try to make clear cut rules for Dindin in a manner that she understands and I try to stand by them so that she will not have doubts, questions or problems in obeying them.

Mommy #14
Small and Simple Things: Cecile
According to my husband, I am the best Mom among all the mothers in the world because I almost gave up my life just to bring my only child/son into the world. How? Although my doctor told me not to get pregnant again because it would be very risky to me and the baby due to my health issues, I did it anyway because I know I am doing the right thing....which is to help Heavenly Father (God) bring one of HIS spirit child into this world. Read more on Life is Good and Beautiful. My son also told me in many occasions that "I am the Best Mom" because I do everything for him. He always appreciate the things I do for him. So, there you go!

Mommy #15
Chronicles of a not-so-perfect mom and wife: Raya
I am the best mom ever simply because the word “mama” can be heard at least two hundred times in our house daily. I am called when they need to show me something exciting, when they are bleeding or hurting, when things need fixing or when they could find what they’re looking for, when they’re ecstatic or overly excited. I am there everytime I am called like I am some super power being in different places at the same time– and I work day and night shifts!

Mommy #16
Hearts Content of A Mama: Mel
I want the best care for my kids and I love being a stay at home mom especially that I have a toddler and I am pregnant again to my second baby and I know that kids at that very young age are very dependent to a Mother’s love and touch rather than other people taking care of them. I have learned that lesson based from the experience I had when I was a child that my Mom is working in a government office, she is the bread winner in our family, and she spent time with us, but I still felt lack of motherhood attention at that time because she wants us busy in our studies alone and she tends to blame it to us if we are doing poorly. I dont want to criticize my Mom because she did her own choice of what is right for us, but I am jealous of how my friends excel in their studies and talents, and as I mingle with their familes, I discovered that, even though they are poor or rich, it came to one conclusion, they are really good because their Mothers gave their best attention and more support to them right from the very beginning of their age.

Mommy #17
Smart Mommy: Willa
Why I'm the best Mom ever? It's very simple,Every woman can have a child but it takes a special person to be a MoM.When GOD created me,He's thinking of my boys and I am forever grateful that He gave me a chance to experienced motherhood because not everyone can. And I think I'm the best mom for them because no one else will.

Mommy #18
A Woman's World: Cecile
What makes me the best mom could be my share in shaping my children up by teaching them to love by serving others without expecting anything in return, being joyful in the midst of disappointments, having peace by trusting God, being a little more patient with trials and tests, being gentle towards others despite others showing the opposite, showing goodness instead of revenge, having faith in God at all times, being meek when confronted with arrogance, having self control especially at times when needed, and obeying God over men even to the point of disobeying me if what I say is against God. This is so they will develop godly character which will also shape their children and their children’s children forming a better world. (Gal. 5:22-23, Acts 5:29)

Mommy #19
Nshima Servings: May
If the best mom in the world is gross, a doofus, a nutcase, nerdy, bossy, unkind, an old-fart, overbearing, creepy, really just a kid herself, with a dash of selfish, then I guess I’m the one!

I’m gross because I’ve scooped up poop and caught barf on intermittent occasions, and developed a taste for blood too; a doofus for being fluent in 3-year old Sophia (Ah nem, ah fahteh, ah sah… = In the name of the Father, the Son…); a total nutcase for doing crazy craft activities with the kids; nerdy for reading a lot of stories with them; bossy for making them pick up their toys or fixing their beds or eating their meals; unkind because Zach has to study his lessons and do his homework first before watching his cartoons; one heck of an old-fart for being big on birthdays and Easter and Christmas and family dates; overbearing because I smother my kids with hugs and kisses again and again and again; and really creepy for watching my kids sleep every now and then. I’m really just a kid (we eat cookies and drink giggles in bed sometimes), but for sneaking in some me-time once in a while so my sanity doesn’t break, it also makes me a very selfish mom… the best mom!

Mommy #20
Primasuprema: Maribeth
If all children will have a mom like me, I bet this world will be a better place to live. As a preschool teacher and out of school youth volunteer, I impart my knowledge to these kids and encourage them to enhance their talents. I am their ultimate confidence booster, as my daughter described.

Mommy #21
I Embrace LIFE: Nuts
A lot of opportunities knock at my door here and abroad but I chose to become a full time mom for my children. My mother worked abroad while we were still young and when the time came that we could be together, she got sick and left us and joined the creator at a very early time. It’s hard without a mother and I don’t want my kids to feel what I’ve gone through.

Mommy #22
Kimmy Schemy: Kim
I am the best mom ever because I chose my eldest daughter’s life over the possibly brighter future of my 19 year old self. I was 19 when I had my eldest daughter and regardless of the embarrassment and condemnation of the traditional people of the early 90s, I chose to give birth to her and raised her by myself.

Mommy #23
Spinning Lovely Days:
I’m the best mom in the world because I dedicated my child to God and that is the best thing I can ever do for her. Even as I endeavor to turn the stewardship of motherhood into a form of worship, I recognize the fact that as much as I love my daughter, I cannot ever love her better or more than God does. Accepting that my efforts and my understanding will always fall short, I’ve made a daily plea for God’s help and guidance a habit, knowing that with God in charge instead of myself, my daughter is in the best hands ever.


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