05 May, 2011

cellular phone accessory

My birthday present for myself last year -a cellular phone. I wasn't planning on buying a new one but my old phone wasn't working anymore. So far, I'm happy with the phone that I chose. It's the cheapest cellular phone unit on the executive series of Nokia.

Nokia E63

I'm not a cellular phone addict so I'm not going to replace this phone yet. I want to buy cellular phone accessories that will help me make this phone usable for years. I want a cellular phone case that automatically locks when the phone is inserted. One that's magnetic, similar to a blackberry case, but so far I haven't found one.

I'm planning to keep this phone longer that the last one. My old-doesn't-work-anymore phone was given to me by my Uncle D, his extra mobile phone, and I had that phone for 5 years.


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