04 April, 2011

something old, something almost-new

I don't like the feel of crisp, newly-washed jeans. It feels so tight on my waist and moving around is very uncomfortable. That's the reason why I only wash my jeans after a week or two of wearing it. Jeans worn for a few days is so comfortable to wear. Same sentiment with old jeans.

Victoria Beckham South Beach Cropped Jean
i want this Victoria Beckham South Beach Cropped Jean

Last week, I found this store that sell second hand clothes. It has racks and racks of clothes, even bridesmaid dresses, that are so cheap. Some are even brand new, complete with price tags, I can't help but check if I can buy something for me.

I ended up buying cropped jeans that has swarovski crystals on the front and back pockets. How much did I pay? 130 pesos! Roughly $2.70 (as of this writing). Cheap and comfortable to wear! I'm going back for more good finds.


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