11 April, 2011

fyi: no more entrecard widget

You might have noticed that I don't have an entrecard widget anymore. Here's the reason why. I was checking my entrecard account while working on my layout.

entrecard widget deleted
What I saw on my entrecard widget was very disturbing, a blog about teenage suicide. I decided then and there to delete the entrecard widget because number 1: I am a Mommy Blogger, not appropriate for this blog to advertise a blog teaching about those kind of things. number 2: I never approved that advertiser, I think it's a pre-approved ad by entrecard.

So there. Bye entrecard!


Joy said...

i have EC in my blogs too, i am not aware that they accepted that kind of blogs :(, well i need to monitor my widgets from now on, thanks for keeping us aware!

Chew On This said...

oh I don't think I noticed that entrecard :D good thing it's all gone now.

Fe ( Winchester) said...

that's also one of the reasons why I frequently check who's putting their widget on my blog; para sure ako na appropriate yung mga widgets na nilalagay nila sa blog ko...
following you back, sis =)

sHeNgKaY said...

HI mommy! actually you can change your setting naman na before ma-display approve mo muna ang mga ads na gustong mag-display sayo..kasi marami na akong site na napili for my blog to dispaly pero needs approval from owner.
Sayang din naman ang entrecard mo..
thanks for the visit sa Shengkay Random Nest ko.

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