11 January, 2011


Ouchy! My gum is very swollen. Now I know why I wasn't feeling well. I went to three dentists just to make comparisons with diagnosis/advice and their prices. Everything in this world is very expensive!

The tooth was root canaled years ago. The first dentist said that I only have two choices: root canal (again!) or have it extracted. She wanted me to think about it and not make a hasty decision right away. But if I have it extracted, a "new"tooth is woth P12,000!!

The second dentist scheduled me for xray the next day. If the tooth can still be saved, the dentist wants to root canal it again. P10,000 to root canal one tooth, P8,500 for a "new" tooth if I want it extracted. But the cost of extraction and xray is still not included yet.

Third dentist wants to extract my tooth right then and there.

I'd rather have the tooth extracted. This tooth has caused me a lot of time and money already. I have to look for a dentist that doesn't charge so much though.


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