06 January, 2011

brilliantly aging women

That's the title episode of an Oprah show, a rerun that I was watching earlier, with guest Raquel Welsh. She authored a book entitled Raquel: Beyond the Cleavage. An excerpt of the book is available at oprah.com.

raquel welch's book raquel: beyond the cleavage
There were other guests who look amazing at their age. One was even in her 90's but she looked nowhere her age. Their advice on how to not look your age boils down to one thing: ACCEPTANCE.

I hope I can accept my age when every part of my body is being pulled down by gravity. I am nearing my 40th anniversary of being a human. I want to look amazing when I reach 40. *fingers crossed*


Ane said...

I hope I age as gracefully as her!

I hope I always feel gorgeous no matter what age I'm at. :D Now that's acceptance. :D hehe

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