26 November, 2010

hide those pictures!

I don't want to see any of my close-up pictures when I was in high school. I cringe just thinking about it. I had pimples and acnes back then. Lots of it on my young face.

My mom never allowed me to use anything on my face except for soap. Well, I live in her house so I had to follow her rules! Dermatologists at that time were unheard of, in the province where I live, let alone acne pills
that can make the humongous acne's on my face vanish.
little girl hides face
Fast forward to present time. I can now use anything on my face. My mom even asks what she should buy to prevent wrinkles on her face. I am now enjoying my freedom! Freedom to choose whatever is good for my skin.

And yes, I will exercise that freedom to forever hide my high school photos.


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