27 October, 2010

a taxi is not a race car

I ride a taxi everyday, 7 days a week, except for days when I don't have to go out of the house. Have you ever been on a taxi in Manila? Have you noticed that most taxi drivers here drive like madmen? I doubt if their breaks even work well. I have a valid excuse for doubting, most taxi's look so old and rusty.
Manila Taxi
I have been in heated arguements with Manila taxi drivers. Guess what they do when asked to slow down and not overtake other cars. They reply, "I'm not driving fast" and drive even more fast! There was a time when I called a taxi company to complain about their driver. Nothing happened, the driver is still speeding on the streets of Manila up to now.

These taxi drivers are not at all concerned if they cause risk to themselves, their passengers and people on the street. They speed up, beat the red light and they don't follow traffic rules. They won't get fined or locked in prison anyway. The government should do something about this problem.


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