15 September, 2010

why i don't want to tutor my son

I have tutored kids as young as 6 years old as well as teenagers having diffuculty in math. I am a very patient tutor. But when it comes to tutoring my own son, who I love more than anybody in the whole universe, I don't have as much patience. I've talked with other tutors and they have the same sentiments as well -they enroll their kids to another tutor.
I guess it's because I know what he can and he can't do. I know that, 99.9% of the time, he's just too lazy to try to understand the lessons or do his homework. He waits for me to get angry -that's his cue to finally do his homework or show me that he really does understand the lesson. It breaks my heart when tears fall from his eyes. It's just a waste of precious time because at the end he always says, "That lesson is sooo easy!"

Can you recommend a tutor?


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