10 September, 2010

why i don't join blog contests

I joined two contests Christmas of last year. I got my ego heart broken and decided not to take the risk again. I knew my work was better than the winners. My jaw dropped when I saw the winners' entries.

I only have two major, major reasons why I don't ever want to join blog contests again.

1. I can't stand waiting for the announcement of winners. I feel like hyperventilating everytime I'm about to check the site of the contest. Announcing the winner weeks after the contest is such a lame and yes, dirty! trick of forcing (yes, I said forcing!) other bloggers, who joined the contest, to daily visit the sponsor's blog. The sponsor should set a date as to when the names of the winners will be revealed. If the date has finally arrived and the sponsor can't announce the winners yet, a new and final date should then be set.

2. Winning depends on the hands of only one person. A courtroom, not here in our country though, has a jury to decide on a verdict. A beauty contest has more than one judge. These blog contests should therefore have more heads working to make a good and fair decision.

So there, I will not join a blog contest again. Well, not unless it's an all-expense paid Orlando vacations!


Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

I know what you mean. There many people out there who makes contest with evil agenda in mind. These people only care for the income, links, or other benefits that they will get in the contest. And when it is time to give to the contestants what they promised, contestants will discover that they are just jerks and they were made to look like fools.

imriz said...

i agree. couldn't get the idea of hosting contest when one need was more traffic. i thought blogging was "journalizing" one's thoughts? was that bygones?

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