01 September, 2010

where is the lifeguard?

My son joined a swim club for a year (or two- I don't remember anymore). The swimmers usually train at PhilSports swimming pool. What I always notice is the empty lifeguard chair. Where are the lifeguards? They are IN the pool conducting swim classes. The payment, of course, goes straight to their pockets.

A major renovation of the swimming and diving pool was done early part of this year. The pool area was closed for a few months. When we visited the pool, when it was finally open to the public again, the same scene greeted me. Yes, the lifeguard chair was new. But the lifeguards, I believe there are two on the governments payroll, are in the pool doing their sideline job.

Everyone who swims or has plans to swim at PhilSports swimming pool should get an insurance first before taking the plunge!


Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Another case of bad employees. But I guess it is being tolerated by the management. Maybe the management officials are getting cuts for the sideline.

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