27 September, 2010

mobile phone for the blogger on-the-go

Even the lightest and smallest netbook makes my back really painful, after just a few minutes of carrying it, because of scoliosis. There are indeed a lot of cellular phone suitable for bloggers, whose always on-the-go, who doesn't want to carry heavy laptops or netbooks. 

I am not really into cellular phones. But I have been wasting my time, for more than 2 hours each day, while waiting for RJ's dismissal bell. So I decided to look for a phone that functions like a computer. And yes, I found one that is not that expensive!

I just bought a Nokia E63. It has Quick Office Application. I usually get weird stares from nannies, whenever I open my laptop, in the fetchers area at my son's school. I can now create my documents, spreadsheets or presentations in the fetching area in peace! 

Although I love paperbacks more than ebooks, a paperback is as heavy as a mini laptop! My new phone has a mobile PDF application installed! I can read my ebooks on my celphone, no need to carry paperbacks in my bag, how cool is that!

The list of likes, for my new phone, goes on and on and on! Love it, love it, love it!


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